Richard Lock

Richard Lock

Senior Vice President and Project Director

Richard Lock joined PolyMet in January 2020 as senior vice president and project director and is a member of the senior executive leadership team, contributing to the overall strategic direction of the company.

A veteran mining executive who has led construction and development of large copper and other mines around the globe, Richard had served as construction director for the KAZ Minerals Peschanka open pit copper mine located in Russia, within the Arctic Circle. Previously, he held executive and project director roles at Arizona Mining Inc.’s Hermosa project, a lead-zinc-silver mine in southern Arizona; Yara International’s Dallol project, a sulfate of potash mining project in Ethiopia; Western Potash Corporation’s Milestone project, a potash solution mining project in Canada; and Rio Tinto’s Resolution and Keystone copper projects in Arizona and Utah, respectively. Earlier, Richard held leadership roles in the development of Canadian Natural Resources Limited’s Horizon oilsands mining development in Alberta, and Rio Tinto’s Diavik diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University College Cardiff in the U.K. He resides in Minnesota.

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